wetlands and biodiversity

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We have our base since 1992 on the Agricultural Society Halland with good relations to the agro sector in an intensive agricultural district. Our business extends throughout Sweden and northern Europe, where we are primarily engaged as specialists in somewhat more difficult projects. A large part of our work takes place within larger national and international collaborative projects.

Our very expertise
Landowner/farmer involvement.
-Complicated projects with the need of innovative rethinking.
-Develop experimental facilities.
-Waterplant ecology and biodiversity.

Our main wetland work
-Design of all types of constructed wetlands and project management.
-Supervision of the contractor in the field during the wetland construction.
-Wetland surveys, investigations and analysis.
-Management plans for constructed wetlands.
-Restoration of wetlands and streams.
-Plans how to increase biodiversity on landscape and farm level or in urban areas.
-Courses, presentations and lectures on wetland construction and wetland ecology.
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