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Prof. Stefan Weisner at the IBZ demonstration site Lilla Böslid.
Halmstad University and Wetland Research Centre

Stefan Weisner is professor of Biology and Environmental Science at Halmstad University. Stefan Weisner´s research has focused on the ecology vegetation living in the transition zone between land and water. The purpose has been to understand regulating mechanisms in order to make use of this knowledge in the restoration of ecological systems.

Recent research include applied research on the boundary between biology and environmental science. A current research area is the functional analysis of wetland ecological systems. This research area takes up questions relating to how we can obtain ecosystem services from wetlands, such as increased biological diversity, improved quality of life, water purification, water storage, and for example the exploitation of wetland plant biomass for energy purposes.

The Wetland Research Centre is driven in collaboration between Halmstad University and The Rural Economy and Agricultural Society (Hushållningssällskapet Halland).

Stefan Weisner
Halmstad University
School of Business and Engineering
Box 823
SE - 301 18 Halmstad
email: stefan.weisner @  hh.se
phone: +46 35 167348,
mobile + 46 730 664964

Peter Feuerbach
John Strand
Hushållningssällskapet Halland
Rural Economy and Agricultural Society of Halland
Lilla Böslid
SE - 305 96 Halmstad
email: peter.feuerbach  @  hushallningssallskapet.se
john.strand  @  hushallningssallskapet.se
phone: +46 35 46500. mobile +46708 438206 (Peter) or +46708 438218 (John).
The Wetland Research Centre brings together researchers working on applied aspects of wetland ecology. Today, wetlands are restored and created in rural as well as urban environments to obtain various societal benefits (ecosystem services) including water quality improvement, landscape diversity, water storage, production, resource recycling, improved quality of life, as well as increased biodiversity .

Our network consists of scientists and professionals with practical experience applying to wetlands. The research at the Wetland Research Centre is oriented towards applications of wetland knowledge within environmental and nature management. Recent projects include management and design of constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment and nature conservation in Brazil, China, the Netherlands and Sweden. The Wetland Research Centre participated in the EU Interreg IV B project "Aquarius - Farmers as water managers under climate change".

The Wetland Research Centre have done national evaluations of wetland creation programs for The Swedish Board of Agriculture and The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The Wetland Research Centre is involved, through the Rural Economy and Agricultural Society in Halland, in developing environmental innovations for a sustainable water management in the agricultural landscape.
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