wetlands and biodiversity

Visit and conference at Lilla Böslid  

We can offer a number of different conference spaces for 18 to 120 persons. Refreshments and food can be served in our facilities or next door at our country house, seating 80 persons.
We can present and provide field studies to our local wetland sites as well as to our experimental sites which are managed by Hushållningssällskapet. Not far away from Lilla Böslid another experimental testing site is located called Mellby, where since the early 80’s nutrient leaching experiments from appr. 100 test plots with different crop culture are followed up.

Our restaurant, the neighbouring picturesque country house.
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Lena Johansson. Tel: +46 35 46500
lena.johansson  @  hushallningssallskapet.se
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