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Experimental IBZ site - Bölarp

In the experimental Integrated Buffer Zone (IBZ) at Bölarp outside the village of Veinge, we have collected several drainage pipes to a central pipe which  has been raised appr. 0.5 m. iThis had be done to enable water flow measurements as well as water sampling for nutrient analyses. The facility was established in December 2013 with two different parts (sand and clay soils) where the water can be infiltrated separatly from each other. It is possible to make additions to the inlet water. All inlet and outlet water can be sampled and infiltration can be monitored hourly. Groundwater samples representing the infiltrated and filtered water are taken in piezometers on the embarkment before the water enters the stream.
Experimental Level Wetland site - Lilla Böslid

The experimental site was built in 2014 on the Lilla Böslid property south of Halmstad. Drainage pipes from the nearby agricultural area have been collected to a central inlet. The normal outlet occurs at low levels and rises when the water flow increases. The water will at high waterlevels overflow an area where trees are growing for favorable infiltration, before it is collected in a control well below the rest of the site. All in and outlets can be monitored hourly. In 2015 additional trees and water vegetation were planted to assure complete testing in 2016.
Experimental Peat soil site - Lilla Böslid

The experimental site was built in 2015 and contains four dams where two of them were filled with soil containing a high percentage of organic matter. Flooding and infiltration can be simulated which can indicate how nutrients and other substances change when the water supply is altered. The watersupply/level is monitored hourly. The site is managed by the University of Halmstad and will start in 2016.
Experimental Wetland site - Plönninge

The experimental wetland site outside Halmstad was built in 2003 and contains 18 small and identically shaped ponds. Several experiments have been carried out in order to understand e.g. the influence of different plants on retention of nutrients and pharmaceuticals. The site is managed by the University of Halmstad and has provided many results from the start.
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