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Vårt team

Hushållningssällskapet Halland

Our old men, called Senior Consultants:

John Strand, tel +46 (0)708 438218 (to the left)

Peter Feuerbach, tel +46 (0)707 859192 (to the right)

The swedish Minister For Invironment Lena Ek handed over Artdatabankens nature conservation award 2014 to Peter and John.

We have worked with wetlands in the agricultural landscape since the beginning of the 1990s. Our expertise and experience include both the practical aspects of farming, and the ecological and environmental issues. This is necessary in order to be able to give good advice to farmers regarding the combination of environmental measures with an effective and economic farming.

John has a PhD in Limnology (freshwater ecology) with aquatic plants as speciality. Peter has a MSc in Agriculture and specialises in the development of large projects and innovations, as well as the technical aspects of wetland construction.

Lea Schneider

Our new colleagues are Lisa who came to us 2015 after her studies of environmental sciences (to the left)  och Lea (to the right) who joined our group in 2019 and  has a degree as fil dr. Both have a lot of new young and fresh ideas..Contact them you will see.

Lisa-Feuerbach Wengel, tel +46 739 991837
Lea Schneider, tel +46 739 601150
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